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Reconstruction of the railway in Serbia

The company Roaming Smart Solutions, with the participation of sister companies Roaming Networks and Enetel Solutions, took part in the reconstruction of the railway by implementing the most modern building technologies systems, on two sections of the high-speed railway: Belgrade - Stara Pazova and Stara Pazova - Novi Sad.

Both sections are part of the pan-European railway Belgrade - Budapest, which qualified it to implement the most modern systems and equipment on the project and to be certified as such in accordance with applicable EU regulations. As one of the participants in this project, Roaming Smart Solutions implements all security systems and passenger information system through three levels of integration: BOSCH Building Integration System (graphic format) for integration of all security systems at over 20 railway stations and ancillary facilities including Čortanovci tunnel , audio system integration (graphic format) and visual and audio system integration for passenger information within the AVIS software (graphic format). As the software for informing passengers in real time, the AVIS solution was developed within our company and does not fall behind all world trends in the field of RTPI software (office personnel we have had for a long time).

The story, started two years ago, was successfully completed today by a unique Roaming team.


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