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Display of courage

At the railway station Tosin bunar, on the reconstruction of which our colleagues are working every day, an accident almost happened when a woman tried to run across the tracks. Fortunately, our colleague Srdjan Jankovic, implementation engineer, quickly intervened and helped the woman get to safety.

Our company is extremely proud to have such a brave colleague among us, who, with his presence of mind and quick reaction, managed to help a lady avoid the fatal consequences of recklessly crossing a high-speed railway.

We hereby appeal that railway tracks be crossed only at designated crossings, in order to save people’s lives and ensure the safety of the railway traffic. This especially applies to the high-speed railway line Belgrade – Novi Sad, where trains run at a speed of 200 km/h, and a train cannot stop instantly.

It is worth noting that the company, Roaming Smart Solutions, with the participation of sister companies Roaming Networks and Enetel Solutions, took part in the reconstruction of the railway by implementing the most modern building technologies systems, on two sections of the high-speed railway: Belgrade – Stara Pazova and Stara Pazova – Novi Sad.


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